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Sample Fluid Mechanics problem with solution

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Sample Fluid Mechanics problem with solution

Given data:

Diameter of large section D1 = 10 in

Diameter of small section D2 = 5 in

Specific gravity of oil = 0.86

Volume flow rate through the pipe Q = 10 ft3/sec

Inlet pressure P1 = 60 Psi

Determine the horizontal force Fx required to hold the pipe in place.


From the given specific gravity of oil we can find the density of oil.

Sp. Gravity = density of oil/ density of water

Density of oil = 0.86 * 0.0624 = 0.054 lb/ft3

Area for D1 = A1 = π/4 * D12 = 0.54 ft2 = 77 in2

Area for D2 = A2 = π/4 * D22 = 0.14 ft2 = 20 in2

We can obtain the velocity of oil in both sections of the pipe by using the volume flow rate expression.

Download complete solution (Link below)

Fluid mechanics problem with solution (6 downloads)