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The  flow  measuring  apparatus  is  used  to  familiarize  the  students  with  typical  methods  of   flow measurement of an incompressible fluid and, at the same time demonstrate applications of the Bernoulli’s equation.

The  flow  is  determined  using  a  sudden  enlargement,  venturi  meter,  orifice  plate and  a Rotameter.  The  pressure  drop  associated  with  each  meter  is  measured  directly  from  the manometers.

Water flow measuring apparatus is designed as a free-standing apparatus for use on the  hydraulics bench, although it could be used in conjunction with a low pressure water supply controlled by a valve  and  a  discharge  to  drain.  Water  enters  the  apparatus  through  the  lower  left-hand  end  and flows  horizontally  through  a  sudden  enlargement  into  a  transparent  venturi  meter,  and  into  an orifice plate, a 90°  elbow changes the flow direction to vertical and connects to a Rotameter,  a  second  bend  passes  the  flow  into  a  discharge  pipe  which  incorporates  an  atmospheric break.

The  static  head  at  various  points  in  the  flow  path  may  be  measured  on  a  manometer  panel.  The water flow through the apparatus is controlled by the  delivery valve of the  hydraulics  bench and the flow rate may be confirmed by using the volumetric measuring tank of the hydraulics bench.


  • To compare the volumetric flow rates recorded and calculated using different flow measuring devices.
  • To compare the specific energy loss through each of the devices.


Hydraulic test bench with Flow Measuring Apparatus including:

  • Venturi meter
  • Orifice meter
  • Rotameter




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